No school: April 5th - April 9th

Health survey emails & texts will continue to be sent. Parent/guardians are not expected onsite & can disregard the survey during this time.

If you would like to stop receiving texts over break, when completing the survey on the last day you are onsite before break, opt out of receiving text messages by unchecking the box on the text opt-in survey question.  By unchecking the box you will still receive emails, but not texts. To re-enable, you must opt back in by checking the box again from the survey email.

If you reply STOP, you will be removed entirely- emails & texts will stop. If this occurs, IT needs a work order to fix.


Each day, before your child comes to school, a health attestation must be completed. Please check your email/text, or call the office to verbally complete 253-298-3200. A notification call goes out at 8:30am if it's not been received.  Thank you.

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