For Parents

CHAMPS is a Tier I intervention that we have implemented school-wide at Central Avenue Elementary.  The book CHAMPS, authored by a school behavior specialist, Randy Sprick, provides a comprehensive approach to managing student behavior in a proactive, empathetic and supportive way to maximize learning in every classroom.  The acronym, CHAMPS, is used to convey very explicit instructions and expectations for specific Activities and Transitions happening throughout the school day.  You will see expectations posted by those letters in nearly every classroom in our school.  Below are the specifics communicated by each letter of the word:

C—Conversation:  With whom may I talk and at what noise level?

H—Help: How do I signal that I need help?

A—Activity:  What should be the end product of the activity? 

M—Movement:  Can I get out of my seat, with or without permission? 

P—Participation:  What should it look/sound like if I am “fully engaged"?